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                      Team-Tech Phoenix Pvt. Ltd.

    is a 7 year old multi-dimensional company providing Sales & Marketing software, site management software &
    customized software development services. Teamphoenix also offers Psychometric Testing Services.
    Teamphoenix also has a 7 years successful track record in operating an international class KPO / BPO with customers
    from all over the globe.

    Teamphoenix is well equipped to take up challenging outsourcing business research / intelligence & data analytics
    assignments for global customers.
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Team-Tech Phoenix Pvt. Ltd.

Teamphoenix is a well-established software development and KPO / BPO company with over 7 years track record in servicing national and international customers. Teamphoenix is currently helping small and medium sized companies to automate their Marketing / Sales, Logistics Management, Project Site Management functions with its full suite of software solutions. Teamphoenix also offers through a separate division, a full range of pyshocmetric testing services to large, medium and small companies.

Teamphoenix is in the market with a mission to fill in the gaps of the modern technological world with innovative solutions and highly advanced software’s, with commitment, which we make it as a daily requirement of all individual. In addition we also provide technical and software services like Software development, Android Apps, web Solutions including Web design, web development, website hosting, BPO, KPO, Technical Support , Customer Support, Digital marketing and SEO services .

Services & Solutions

Sales & Marketing Software

We at Teamphoenix Pvt Ltd are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging biz world. Our fundamental company values stem from understanding that our success is tied with success of our clients. Our key business principles are: more...

BPO/KPO/Customer Care

Through our Research Outsourcing/ BPO division, we support the decision making of customers by providing timely, appropriately researched information to enhance the understanding of dramatically changing industry trends & happenings on a regular basis, which ensures them to be up-to-date to take informed decisions.more...

Business Consulting

Through Business Process Outsourcing we act as an extended arm for our clients or customers, in order to performing business activities on their behalf. Our Call Center Operations provide efficient services like Data Collection, Data Recovery, Mortgage and Receivables Management. more...

Why Should you Choose

Team-tech phoenix Private Limited ?

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Sucessful Research Processing/ BPO Services

Sucessful Research Processing/ BPO Services

Teamphoenix has been a successful BPO/ KPO services provider to global companies for over 7 years starting 2007.

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Practical Sales & Marketing Software Solutions

Practical Sales & Marketing Software Solutions

Teamphoenix is currently helping small and medium sized companies to automate their Marketing / Sales& Project Site Management with its full suite of software solutions

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Dedicated Team of Programmers, Engineers & Researchers

Dedicated Team of Programmers, Engineers & Researchers

We offer complete and comprehensive development service that includes software design, development, quality assurance , software testing , customer service and software support.

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Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

Teamphoenix is global Business Consulting farm for small to mediu, scale Industry since last past 7 years starting from 2007.